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A restful day and walk in nature

Paid a visit to the local Aldi

Macdemia nut oil is what I want.

Maybe I just better find the best restaurants.

The food issue is a real good one to have because health is down to solving for happiness and fixing the problem before it starts . No ice .

Less take out food .

More preparation.

I’m just enjoying getting kinesthetically balanced after lots of patients and testing I think .

I’m reflecting on Zcash again after NGO Weservezambia seems to be a Herculean task involving a shit tonne of money and going against all rules …. helping people see ! Empowering people in capitalism as well !

Maybe they don’t see the negativity by not being paid .

I am not an atomic playboy and I am not a bank.

I can code tho and that’s what people don’t understand.

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