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YKK. I company I liked from my youth.

When I prolly was malnourished. My parents didn’t make much – Time poverty

This weekend – rockstar shit


Realized some gains my contribution to HTML coin was important

Syrian Gas Attack

But I trust the Trump administration is doing the right thing because of people that know

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A restful day and walk in nature

Paid a visit to the local Aldi

Macdemia nut oil is what I want.

Maybe I just better find the best restaurants.

The food issue is a real good one to have because health is down to solving for happiness and fixing the problem before it starts . No ice .

Less take out food .

More preparation.

I’m just enjoying getting kinesthetically balanced after lots of patients and testing I think .

I’m reflecting on Zcash again after NGO Weservezambia seems to be a Herculean task involving a shit tonne of money and going against all rules …. helping people see ! Empowering people in capitalism as well !

Maybe they don’t see the negativity by not being paid .

I am not an atomic playboy and I am not a bank.

I can code tho and that’s what people don’t understand.

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Resting after travelling

I set up an ngo to solve for

It’s called take a look

Having returned my first issue is to get another bitcoin debit card and cash out more coin.

Sadly my mom friends and family have no idea how to use bitcoin.

I have to solve for happy.

It was awesome to receive 5 bullet Friday Tim Ferris.

I got mentors pinging me good updates daily .

I got bots

I even use snapchat

My first coffee and MCT oil and even foodstuffs are not fixed up just yet as I don’t the number of the house!

I’m using Songtrap and it’s awesome.

I can import tracks in figure and push them into soundtrap .

Add vocals record omg kek

I write

I really want a nice boss desk with pens …to write letters …errrr no no I want the 🖥 Retina display Mac 💻

Ten impossible things before breakfast

( 1/n )

Contribute more to zcash and Siaberry dev

Find out more about presentation skills

I’m missing google home which I left in Glendale

I’m missing my Nike combat gear which was stolen in el segundo